December 9, 2013

faye quilt.

I used Aunt Joan's Quilting 101 tutorial and pattern and added five more blocks.  I made up the striped back myself, due to lots of fabric leftovers!  Quilting question, Aunt Joan:  how do you take care of your quilts (washing, folding, etc.)?  Happy quilting!  xoxo, Karen.


  1. Hi Karen,

    Beautiful job on your quilt for Faye!

    That's a great question! Unless there are materials in the quilt that require special washing treatment (wool, silk, antique materials) it's perfectly okay to machine wash a utility quilt.

    Be sure to use cold or warm, but not hot water, and add a grocery store variety dye catching sheet the first time the quilt is washed to catch any excess dye before it bleeds onto neighboring fabrics. Then dry in a gentle cycle. I like to remove the quilt, just slightly before it's completely dry, then lay it flat to dry the rest of the way.

    To store the quilt, try not to fold the quilt in the same place each time. Sometimes in half, sometimes in thirds, sometimes in weird thirds, etc. The batting, particularly cotton batting can remember folds over time, so if the quilt is stored, try to open it up shake it out and refold it in a different spot at least once a year.

    Don't be afraid to use up the quilt! As it's grabbed, squished, dragged, and loved, it'll show signs of wear. (Don't we all!) And that's the beauty of a quilt. They get better the more they are used!


  2. This is all very helpful, thank you! I notice creases from folding this quilt into a square after we use it...we will follow your directions. Great tip about taking it out of the dryer at itch early, too.

    I have another question about hanging, which I will post very soon...and a Q101 recap! So fun...I am hooked. Quilting cursive writing this morning! xoxo