December 3, 2013

baby quilts.

My little bundle of quilts!  For the past year, Aunt Joan walked us through the ins and outs of quilt making.  Here is a peek at my finished quilts.  These five baby quilts were made using her pattern and instructions.  
I added a little strip of contrasting color on the binding on a few quilts, decatur knots and meandering stitches in the center squares on others, and straight-stitched lines on two.  In each of these quilts, there are things I would absolutely do differently and things that I absolutely love.  I'm mostly happy these have homes and the little ones they are meant for won't care about a wonky stitches and color placement.  I care, I learned, and I have more patterns and examples to share.  How are yours?  Happy quilting + xoxo, Karen. 


  1. Nice job, Karen! Love the pop of color in the bindings!

  2. thank you! a few questions for you on my next quilt post : ) working on your SOCKS now AND more quilts...we're all aj-influenced here! xoxo