November 16, 2012

new endeavor : quilting!

I am so super excited about my next project.  After getting inspired by some of these quilts, and having an "I could do that!" feeling, I asked my Aunt Joan, quilter extraordinaire, about making a quilt.
For as long as I can remember, Aunt Joan has always been working on something incredibly creative and incredibly...awesome.  Of course she makes cakes from scratch, knits sweaters, dives and skis...and that's not even a titch of it.  You know what else?  She bought me real bloomies from Bloomingdales in the 80s and took me to Paris in the 90s.  And I'll never forget when watching her read Les Miserables on the beach.  She's fantastic and now she's going to teach me how to quilt.  I can't wait.

You can find more information on our project here.  We'll be working on a small quilt / table topper, and going through each step, from purchasing supplies to cutting to sewing.  I'm hoping to learn something new, learn it the right way, and of course, have fun throughout the process.  I hope that you can, too. The quilting button on the right side of this blog will lead to each post.  Please join in!
(This is my Aunt Joan's first book.  She's just the neatest!)
Happy quilting + xoxo,


  1. Hi Karen - You are right, She (your aunt Joan) is the neatest! Really like your Hodgepodge Arty blog.

  2. I can't wait to see how this goes! I'm inspired by what you're doing and I think I'll do it along with you, as I've always wanted to quilt but haven't known where to start. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Horray! We're going pretty slowly, learning and having FUN. It'll be great...I'd love it if you joined us! I'll be posting a list of supplies next. Stay tuned and thank you for your comment! xo