September 14, 2011

Time for knits!

Jane Richmond's incredible knitting patterns have been keeping me busy this month.  I'm watching Atonement on repeat and knitting like there's no tomorrow.  I am up to my neck, quite literally, with her patterns and I am loving every stitch!

I thought I would share the two that I recently finished:

Rae (shown above) is a simply beautiful shawl/scarf pattern.  It is perfect for beginning knitters, if you want to practice your increases and decreases.  I'm already working on another's a nice project to have going and it knits up super quickly.  I used a soft bamboo-blend yarn and it worked really well, although the Sweet Georgia yarn that Jane recommends is absolutely magical - I'm currently using it for her cardigan pattern.

I made Jane's Oatmeal Pullover (shown above) while watching Rear Window a few times.  It really is that quick of a knit.  I love this pattern because it has NO seams.  It's knit from the top down, in the round.  This is a wonderful pattern if you've never made a sweater, but want to branch out from those great cowls and hats you've been making!

You can check out Jane's Etsy shop HERE.  I can't recommend her patterns enough, and am currently finishing two more sweaters.  I'll post them when I'm done!

Thanks, are loved!



  1. Thanks for all of your kind words Karen! I love your finished knits, they look awesome on you! And your pics are seriously adorable!

  2. Your rae turned out awesome! Love it and your oatmeal is fabulous on you!

  3. love this post! you are adorable! i need to make myself another oatmeal.. i looove the colour you've chosen!

  4. Thank you! The Oatmeal is such a delight to knit...and wear. That Rae...lordy! I think I will always have one of those going...they knit up so fast and I've been experimenting with different colors and needle sizes...FUN. THANK YOU, nook and lovinthemommyhood...and JANE! xoxo