October 19, 2013


I have known Courtney Parks for years, but last fall I was lucky enough to start working with her more directly and personally. I had such a wonderful experience, and it definitely shifted the trajectory of my work and home paths.  Her energy, enthusiasm, wisdom, and encouragement helped me let go and GROW.  She's got a special teleclass this upcoming Tuesday...tuning in over a year ago is what turned me on to her coaching, so I cannot recommend it enough.  You can register here and it's completely free.  Go for it!  Happy weekend...hope you're doing something special!  xoxo, Karen. 


  1. Thanks for the love Karen! So happy to be part of your blog, biz and life...hugs to you :)!

  2. YAY! Good luck on Tuesday - I'm sure it'll be the beginning of good things for many women, thanks to you : )