September 26, 2013


After making our quilt sandwiches (pinning the quilt top, batting, and back together), Aunt Joan walks us through the process of quilting.  It's official:  we're now at the quilting part of quilting! After studying Aunt Joan's post on straight line quilting, I started off very slowly with lines on either side of the seams.  I was a little nervous about "in the ditch" stitching because of my occasional wonky seams.  But, it's all about learning, right?  Here are mine:

Then, I made diagonal lines on two of my baby quilts:  

Lastly, after practicing on scraps, I moved to free motion quilting and covered a quilt with meandering:
I cannot believe how much I've learned throughout this whole process.  Aunt Joan's Quilting 101 is SUCH a treasure.  I am working on more beyond what I've posted here and am actually dreaming of quilts!   If you haven't learned along with us but are interested in learning how to quilt, AJ's tutorials are absolutely priceless.  Next, we'll be binding our quilts.  You'll get to see finished products very soon!  Happy stitching + xoxo, Karen. 

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