July 22, 2013

quilt center.

The next step in our quilting project is to take our blocks and sashing and put together the quilt center. Following Aunt Joan's tutorial, I did just that...

First, I laid everything out on our table.  I attempted a rainbow, from corner to corner.  

Pin and sew, just like Aunt Joan shows us. 

Another layout before more sewing. 

Iron the back, keep things neat. 

Quilt center finished!  

Although my total measurement is 1/2" off, my seams match up.  I'm happy with my first attempt! How did you do?

For my nine-block quilt, I ran into a little problem:  I sewed the wrong sashing strips in between my blocks!  The green ones (bottom) were meant to go where the gaps are (above).  I ripped out the misplaced orange sashing strips (you can see the holes) but I have a feeling I should be ripping out the row and starting from scratch.  What should I do?  
Once I finish the nine-block quilt center, I'll be ready for the next step: borders.   How is yours coming along...are you having fun?  Happy quilting + xoxo, Karen. 


  1. Oooh. This is a great question, and it is an easy fix. Don't rip any more--I'll do a quick tutorial on the blog in a day or two. aj

  2. oh, super! i found some answers in your book, but i thought it might be helpful to work through here. thank you! xoxo