April 1, 2013

quilt blocks.

This quilt is coming along!  After choosing fabric, gathering my tools together, and cutting squares, it was time to head to the sewing machine and make a test seam:
Aunt Joan explains the importance of a test seam, but basically it has to do with making sure your seam is precise at 1/4" before you start sewing your blocks.  I equated it - kind-of - with checking your gauge when knitting.  It took me a couple of tries before sewing a precise 1/4" seam, but the mistakes I made were helpful and I got there in the end.

Next, it was on to sewing the blocks for my quilt.  I followed Aunt Joan's tutorial and had my own little assembly line of blocks going in no time.  
I couldn't stop at the four blocks required for our project, so I kept going, making another nine blocks for another larger quilt.   Typically, I like to make two of something and this is no exception.  

What's next? I can't wait!  Follow Aunt Joan's Quilting 101 to see, and I'll be following up here. Happy April + happy quilting!  xoxo, Karen.  


  1. Oooh, such beautiful quilting! Looks like you'll be done in no time.

  2. Beautiful, love your material choices.

  3. ooo! thank you! i can't wait to put it all together + share! xoxo