December 11, 2012


I couldn't help sharing a few of my favorite handmade ornaments...
 Pins + beads + trim

 Josh and I painted this one a few seasons ago. 

 This snowman (lady?) has been around for ages. 

 I LOVE THESE MICE.  I used to think about them sleeping in their nutshells when I was little (and still do!).  I'd LOVE to re-create these sometime. 

Fabric-backed Nutcrackers that I stitched in high school.  

Hand-blown by Mom in Corning, New York.  

Passed down and loved... 

 and passed down and loved...

 and passed down and loved. 

 A sewing project from the fourth grade.

Stitched by Aunt Joan

These little treasures are all so cherished and I look forward to hanging them each year.  What are your most-loved ornaments?   Happy decorating + xoxo, Karen.


  1. i so remember making some of those same ornaments. especially the squeezing cheeks one ;) xoxo i love tree decorations that have so many memories! xo

  2. YES! I loved sewing projects in school : ) I hope you're enjoying your tree + decorations, too! Be well...xoxo

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