June 19, 2012

summer reading.

What are your summer reads?
Be well + happy reading!


  1. Well, two of your titles are on my list (Just Kids and Animal, Veg, Miracle). My list keeps growing and changing ... I think I need to just let myself pick up whatever strikes me at that moment. Hmm, that should be interesting!

  2. ha! i know - i get nostalgic thinking of high school summer reading when i have a list and i usually only do it in the summer : ) it's nice crossing books off and reading what's been on my shelves for a while - always interesting! xo.

  3. Hooray for The Great Gatsby! I'm tackling that one too... very excited to picture Carey Mulligan as Daisy :)

  4. YES! I'm winding down my Hemingway obsession, but not completely...F. Scott was a nice tie-in : ) Enjoy!