May 4, 2011

toothpick dolls.

I was about ten years old when I started making dolls out of toothpicks and embroidery floss.  I found a how-to for worry dolls somewhere and made my first doll:

After her, inspired by movies like Meet Me in St. Louis and My Fair Lady, I started making worry dolls as a full-on hobby.  However, they looked less and less like the tiny Guatemalan toys and more and more like faceless Judy Garlands from Easter Parade.  I used upturned Barbie frisbees and glued flowers, birds, and ribbon to them to make fancy hats. I strung tiny pearls for flapper-inspired necklaces.  I wound floss around toothpicks and sprayed hairspray to make curls.  At any given time for months and months, I had assembly lines of toothpick bodies ready to be dressed up.

I recently found an old box filled with them (next to the massive box of mix tapes) and thought I would share.  They have survived over 20 years and several moves.  Of the few dozen I found, these kept their original shape the best.

Enjoy!  If you're interested, I can blog a how-to...just let me know.  xoxo

1 comment:

  1. I love your tiny toothpick dolls! Could you blog a how-to on how to make such tiny creations? I'd love to try making some. Your creations are just gorgeous!!!
    Cheers! Janet in Canada : )