April 17, 2011

button earrings.

These easy-to-make button earrings are a way to make great use of fabric scraps.  And, the color possibilities are endless!

MATERIALS needed for fabric-covered button earrings:
Small bits of fabric
Flat earring posts 
Button covers - size 20 or size needed to fit over earring post
Tacky glue

Starting with your button cover, cut your fabric per circular diagram on package.  I cut a little extra fabric around the diagram, just in case.

Next, centering the button on your fabric, press the fabric and button into button-maker (included in button cover package) and add a SMALL dab of glue onto back of button.  Neatly cut any access fabric and discard it, and push the remaining fabric into back of button.  

Now, put a SMALL dab of glue on your earring post and push into button to secure.  I like to use small scissors to secure earring post into button cover.  Also, be sure to use the glue VERY sparingly, as these earring are so small and too much glue makes a mess!

Turn out earring from plastic button maker. And...voila!

 How did they turn out?


  1. Hi, I know this is old, just wondering where did you find the button cover set?? I'm at a lost as far as that part!

  2. Hi! These are the ones I use - you can get them at a craft store or online:


    Good luck...happy crafting!